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Are Anabolic Steroids Necessary

Are Anabolic Steroids Necessary in the Sport of Professional Bodybuilding?

The article "The Drug Debate: Two Bodybuilders Speak Out On Performance Enhancement" discusses the current state of the bodybuilding world in regards to usage of anabolic substances. Two sides to the story and two vastly different opinions on the matter are shared by an all-natural bodybuilder and a professional, steroid-using bodybuilder. The big question that was asked by the interviewer was whether or not steroids are necessary in the elite bodybuilding scene.

According to the natural athlete, bodybuilding is a sport that should stay drug-free until it is no more. He explains that drugs are never healthy because they are not natural. When you put something into your body that isn't supposed to be there, you're only going to harm it. While the natural bodybuilder doesn't deny the performance benefits of anabolic steroids, he remains firm about them having more downsides to advantages and assures that sudden death has occurred in the past with steroid use. He concludes that today's bodybuilding elite only care about winning no matter what the costs are. If steroids are a means to reach the top, they will use them to get the fame and riches with no hesitation.

On the other hand, the pro bodybuilder disagrees completely. He believes that because it is impossible to prevent steroid usage, those who want to have a realistic chance of getting far must use steroids as an equalizer to be competitive. He also believes that regulated steroid use poses no threat to health. Only when abused do steroids have negative side effects. The pro agrees with the natural that steroids are a means to make it to the top for the money. He admits that if you want to make a career out of bodybuilding, you have no choice but to juice.

When it comes to bodybuilding on any level, I agree 100% with the natural bodybuilder. Isn't it the essence of sports and athletic events to show off the natural extent of human physical capability? Steroids and other anabolic substances defeat the whole purpose of competition. When you cheat by giving yourself an unnatural advantage, it doesn't make you a true winner even if you do become champion of a certain competition. Like the natural bodybuilder said, steroids have no place in this sport or any other sport. They are dangerous, illegal in many places, and ruin the entire purpose of athletics.

The one thing that the pro bodybuilder got right is that it is impossible to compete on an elite level with other steroid users unless you yourself are using them. While I don't believe in using performance enhancers, they will surely help you go further if you are willing to win by any means--and it seems that many pro athletes are.

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